Shipping Containers

January 2019 – The Depot

If you have ever visited a shipping container depot, you know that they are basically yards full of empty shipping containers. If you have never visited a depot, well, they are basically yards full of empty shipping containers. But why do container depots exist? That is such a great question and we are so glad you asked. Here are three of the top depot functions.

Rest for the Weary

Containers are built for one purpose: to move stuff. Move stuff they do, and more efficiently than any other form of shipment, but with all that stuff-moving, even the toughest containers need a break sometimes. Depots provide the respite these tired containers need. Ok, maybe containers don’t actually get tired, but trade imbalances and logistical challenges do necessitate a place for empty containers to sit between shipments. A container can spend over 50% of its career either sitting in a depot/terminal or being repositioned empty. ITS ConGlobal depots are really just container spa resorts. Over 50% vacation time?! Sign me up.

Is That Box for Sale?

After a long, hard career moving valuable goods across rough waters, every containers eventually reaches retirement; on average at the ripe old age of 10-12 years (the overachievers can work into their 20s). Depots are filled with container that are both in service and retired. Leasing companies and ship lines are constantly producing new equipment to replace the retired containers and it is important for them to sell the retired equipment. How do they get these containers into the hands of interested parties? Depots. Depots provide the space, equipment, and infrastructure needed to provide a smooth transition from working life to a new, exciting life in your backyard. Check out some of our favorite retirees that are looking for a new home.

Mod My Box

Those are some good looking containers ^^ but what if you are looking for something super fancy? Something like THIS! Well, most ITS ConGlobal depots can help, but we’re not HGTV. We can make the preliminary modifications to the container such as holes for windows and doors, new paint jobs, and some of our locations do insulation and electrical. So we can probably do all of the “Typical Modifications” on this page, but we can only help with something like this. To complete the second project you would need some specific build plans and a contractor to complete the finish work on the container. HOWEVER, if your dreams include living inside a metal box, we get it and would love to be part of the process. Give us a call if you have questions about your dream home of steel.

Stay tuned in the coming months as we dive deeper into the daily functions of our depots and why it matters to you. We love hearing from you, so let us know what you would like to see in future newsletters.

We would like to wish all the best in this new year. We look forward to exceeding expectations and serving all your container needs in 2019. Cheers!