July, 2017 – Shipping Container Standards & Slang

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This month we want to roll it back to the basics. Some of you may be regulars at the shipping container game and know this information so well you can recite it in your sleep (like us!) and others may be in the process of learning the ropes (been there!). This month we are getting everyone on the same page in regards to shapes and sizes and what we call what at the depot to help us all with a common understanding.

Lucky for you, after digesting all the information below on the bevy of shipping container options, we are more than happy to provide you information on what we have available for your shipping needs or project.

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Shipping Container Standards

Shipping containers come in three standard sizes as seen below:
20-foot Containers 20 ft. 8 ft. 8 ft. 6 in.
40-foot Containers 40 ft. 8 ft. 8 ft. 6 in.
40-foot High Cubes 40 ft. 8 ft. 9 ft. 6 in.
Rare birds: There are other sizes of shipping containers and you may see these while you are traveling down your favorite turnpike, for example a fifty-three (53) foot or a ten (10) foot. However, these sizes are incredibly rare in the new and used market. 53 foot options, for example, are mainly funneled for domestic transportation and 10 foot options are considered a bit of a unicorn in our industry. You never know when they show up at a depot but these are considered outside of the standard set.

Vocabulary Lesson: Say it like a Pro

As described above, shipping containers come in all sorts of sizes, and they also come in different shapes. To be clear, they are all rectangular boxes but it is the shape of the box that can be described in different ways. Here are the four common terms used for describing the type of container you are looking for:

  1. New Container (a.k.a. fresh from the factory)
  2. Used CW meaning Cargo Worthy (a.k.a. pretty good quality for many projects or shipping)
  3. Used WWT meaning Wind & Water Tight (a.k.a. signed, sealed, delivered – it works!)
  4. Used ASIS meaning “as is” (a.k.a.what you see is what you get)

Vocabulary matters and this also helps connect you to the different options that are available for different types of needs. It is important to assess your shipping or project against the available options so that you can focus your search and we can get you what you need.

Re-Shaping your Container: Common Modifications

Sometimes, not one plain box fits all. ITS ConGlobal can take the standard shipping container and provide some basic modifications to match your needs of access and security. Below are some modifications to consider that we are proud to complete at select depots:

  1. Lockbox- Keep your precious cargo safe and sound with this extra layer of security.
  2. Mandoor- Gain easy access to storage or interior through a pre-cut door (either swing or roll-up).
  3. Window- Enjoy the view from inside a container.

To see a full listing of common modifications, check out our Modifications page.

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