June, 2017 – Sippin’ in a Shippin’ Container

Summer is upon us. Hope this note finds you enjoying this season to the fullest.

With the hot weather hitting the nation, one thing we know that cools us off is sippin’ a nice cold one while swapping stories with friends, sitting in a… shippin’ container.

Bars in Boxes

Bars and hospitality establishments are taking on the shipping container trend by creating unique spaces for revelers to enjoy. This month’s newsletter provides a sample of some establishments around the nation and one international establishment that boast a bar seat in a box:

Container Bar Austin is one of the first of its kind offering places for people to find respite from the bustling Rainey Street district throughout its 7 stacked shipping containers and courtyard space.

In Michigan, the Larkin Beer Garden features a singular unit shipping container bar as the centerpiece to a large outdoor meeting and drinking space. This project capitalizes on the convenient size of a container while opening it up to allow for clientele to capture a bartender’s attention from all sides.

Making our way over to Colorado at Ska Brewing World Headquarters, the containers not only provide the suds from Ska Brewing Company, but also pizza. Containers + pizza + beer is an equation many can appreciate.

Across the pond, shipping containers are finding their footing as a place to serve pints in places like Box Park in London. This area features a collection of shipping containers to serve a variety of needs from shopping to eating to, of course, drinking.

This newsletter is making us sufficiently hungry and definitely thirsty. Best part, you can build your own bar out of a shipping container. We can help…


Container Industry Updates: ITS ConGlobal

ITS ConGlobal is proud to announce its refreshed operation model built to serve our partners and customers better through a truly integrated system.

ITS ConGlobal is North America’s largest full-service supplier to the intermodal industry, providing:

  • Depot Services
  • Equipment Sales
  • Transportation Services

For equipment, we provide quality:

  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Storage
  • Redistribution (to global shipping lines and leasing companies)

And, as you know, ITS ConGlobal is also a leading retailer of standard and modified equipment in new and used condition to consumers, corporations, and government and military institutions.

We look to forward to continue providing the high-level of service and product offering you have come to expect, and strive to connect you to all the solutions for your shipping container and service needs.

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