Shipping Container Modifications

June 2018 – Shipping Container Uses and Conditions

Uses and Conditions 


The modern shipping container started being used in the mid-1950’s and changed how products were moved from factories to consumers. These shipping containers come in standardized sizes, each being eight feet wide. The most common length is 40 feet and 20 foot containers are also common. Each container has a unique identification code which is used to track them on their journeys around the world.

Shipping containers can be modified to meet the special needs of a customer. CGI Container Sales has the skills and experience to work with you and modify the container. Common modifications include changing from swinging doors to roll-up doors; cutting openings for windows, or even making a 10 foot long container. We will also paint the containers to your specifications.

The original use for shipping containers is moving products around the globe. The shipping life for these containers is often around 12 years. When the containers are retired, they are often purchased and used for a variety of applications. The condition of the containers can vary from near pristine (referred to as a “one tripper”) to those which have been used extensively and may need repair to be considered “wind and water tight”.

Farmers and construction companies use shipping containers because they provide secure and portable storage. Schools use them to store athletic or maintenance equipment. Shipping containers are designed to be stacked which makes them ideal for use as structures. Many shipping containers have been used to build homes, restaurants, offices, and much more. We often share the many creative uses of shipping containers on our social media channels. Follow us for ideas and inspiration.

We have a large inventory of shipping containers available at our Depots across North America. Because each container has a unique identification, buyers can shop online with CGI Container Sales with confidence. We provide descriptions and images of specific shipping containers.

When your project requires a shipping container, contact us. We listen to our customers and we look forward to hearing from you.