• River Arts District Containers
  • Starbucks Shipping Container Drive Thru
  • Mini Cooper Showroom with Steel Containers

Customers & Partnerships

Partner With Us

CGI Container Sales is fortunate to work with the best in the business.  We have partnerships with designers, architects, brands, and businesses to continue to push the limits as to what you can do with a shipping container.

  • It Starts With an Idea

    YOUR big (or small) idea. Let the creative juices flow.

  • It Continues With a Plan

    WE map out the necessary steps to make the idea a reality.

  • It Takes Some Hard Work

    WE don’t shy away from hard work.

  • It’s Worth it in the End

    TOGETHER, we can step back and be proud of what we can imagine + build.

Some Customers & Partners We Are Proud to Build With



Below is a gallery of some projects that demonstrate the power of partnership and what is possible when the right people get together, use some imagination and make it work.