August, 2017 – What you need to know BEFORE you build a Container Project

Here at ITS ConGlobal we get a lot of inquiries on a wide range of building projects using shipping containers. (Makes sense!) This is a testament to the wealth of creativity from our client and customer base! You have inspired us to provide some background to all of those interested in elevating the simple box into something more so you have the good information to help get you off the ground. Warning: There are a lot of steps to take but it is best to start with a good foundation of knowledge before taking the plunge into these types of investments.

When you are ready, we are. We have a large inventory of shipping containers at the standard variety of sizes and qualities to serve as the best building blocks for your project.

Here’s to your ingenuity!

TOP 5:What to know and do BEFORE you break ground on your shipping container project

We have all seen the lists or the unbelievable, well-lit photos that sweep the internet (usually popping up right when you are ready to procrastinate on that other thing you had to do…)

1. A Proper Place:
The shipping container is great and all, but you need a proper place to put it. (Hint: We have found that people do not take too kindly to shipping container squatting.) Having the right property that is also prepared to handle a structure is a critical first step to any project.

2. Know your Zones:
It is critical to be savvy to all the local rules that apply to your area (see step 1) and be caught up on all the jurisdiction in and surrounding your location. Proper planning and evaluation here is crucial to avoiding issues down the line. (Hint: This is important not just for shipping container projects, but all building projects, really.)

3. Find the Right Team: 
Find a good contractor, architect and engineer who know how to navigate shipping container builds. This is a tricky/important one as there can be slim pickings based on this qualification but it is highly recommended to have someone experienced. With this being a growing trend, the numbers are leaning more in your favor but this is not as standard in all building resumes.

4. Proper Credentials/Permits:
Remember when we talked about those laws? Before building of any nature begins, speak to your local authorities and obtain all the necessary credentials and permits. Your team will also be instrumental here in ensuring you are aware and accounting for all the necessary paperwork and speaking with the right officials. At this stage, your plan is considered final as all the paperwork and permitting will reflect this.

5. Find the Right Box:
This is where we come in. At CGI Container Sales, when considering projects of this nature, we highly recommend you come in and actually see your options (yes! you can do that here!). We want you to touch and see the quality of the container we can supply to be the building block of your finished project. See where we are located.

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